Sam Cooke

It’s hiring time

Cooke Curtis and Co estate agent job Cambridge graphic

We need someone new to work for us.

Business is good and we want to make sure we can do more than just cope by expanding our team.

Ideally we’d have someone with experience of lettings and/or sales. Maybe a year. Maybe a couple of years. Maybe more.

But the important thing we need is someone with the right character. Someone who takes pride in doing a good job. Someone nice. We can teach you the finer points of being a brilliant agent, but if you’re one of those annoying, pushy, borderline dishonest agents we don’t really have the inclination to beat that out of you, much as it would probably be a service to society to do so.

The job is full-time, including every other Saturday, but we try to work shorter hours on Saturday (where appointments permit) and you get a full day off in the week so it’s usually a bit less than 5 full days a week. Nearer four-and-a-half.

We’ll pay you well, give you a decent holiday entitlement, treat you properly and hopefully give you a chance to grow with us and go places if that’s what you want to do, or to be comfortable and happy doing the job exactly as you take it on if that’s your preference.

If this sounds like you and your sort of thing drop either Sam or Jamie a line – [email protected] or [email protected] or call 01223 508050.

Sam Cooke

It’s a new website

Have you noticed?

We have all sorts of new bits on our website.

Hopefully it’s working well for you, but let us know if not.

Apparently the map function doesn’t work very well on a Windows Phone, but since the only person in the whole world who uses a Windows Phone is Sam ‘Apple isn’t cool anymore’ Cooke, we’re not sure that’s a massive issue.

Unlike Sam’s Windows Phone. Which is massive.

Sam's big phone

Sam Cooke

It’s Jenny


Jenny Flanagan (next to Sam at the back) is the newest member of the Cooke Curtis & Co team, having joined us in July.

Jenny has worked in estate agency in Cambridge for a number of years, for agents on Mill Road and Hills Road and we’re happy to report she’s fitting in here very nicely.

As we have become busier we’ve struggled a bit with the idea of employing new people. We think one of the things that makes us special is how experienced everyone in the office is and how much we all care about doing the job properly.

We’re a close-knit team and expanding that is a nerve-wracking business. We needed to ensure we got someone who both fits in with our ethos and has the experience to do the job as well as we want to.

But when we heard on the grapevine that Jenny might be thinking about a change we knew straight away she might well be the answer to our prayers and a few weeks in she seems to be exactly that.

If you know Jenny from where she used to work and liked the way she did things, then please be aware that she’s not there now, she’s here instead.

Sam Cooke

It’s a video

We made a video. It’s 90 seconds long: CC&C video. There’s a cheeky little bit of subtext to it if you dig a bit deeper…



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