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We are an experienced and multi-award winning Cambridge Estate and Letting Agent who have always called Cambridge home and have a deep understanding of the City and surrounding villages.

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Our sales service

What we do is simple. How we do it isn't. It's an intricately considered, meticulously developed process, formed over our 50+ years combined experience in the local property market.When we visit you for a valuation we will talk to you about the approach that we think best suits your property, it's location and your circumstances, but the core of what we do is to provide Carefully crafted, well-written property particulars, highlighting what is important about your property and, just as importantly, your area, whilst cutting out the waffle Beautiful photographs, taken with professional level equipment by professionally trained photographers Detailed floor plans and title plans that show exactly how every property physically stands and its layout and orientation - the things people really need to know...


Our lettings service

We provide personal, individually tailored lettings services to landlords of good quality properties and to good quality tenants looking for the same.
            We take the same pride and care in marketing our lettings houses as we do with our sales houses.  We believe that with the right approach the commercial interest of the landlord can be easily balanced with the need of tenants to have a good quality home.  We have a fair and transparent fee structure. There are no hidden charges for landlords or tenants. We take no kickbacks or commission payments from any of the contractors we use. We believe we can run a better business by putting the interests of our clients ahead of the financial interests of the company.

Our story

Cooke Curtis & Co. has always aimed to be exceptional. An exception to mediocracy. A spark of light in the dull. An estate agency that works better. Our success is our clients' success and is bound to our experience, but we excel because we never stop trying to. Every sale, every letting, every interaction.
            We opened our own estate agency in 2015 because we couldn’t easily think of anyone else we’d want to work for, and began quietly pitching our considered, intelligent approach to the people of Cambridge.  We’ve grown slowly and sustainably based on the quality of our service and are proud to say that it’s not just our townsfolk that appreciate what we do, we’ve won numerous national accolades at The British Property Awards and (we’re still pinching ourselves for this one) took home the trophy for The Best Single Office Estate Agency in England, Scotland and Wales from The Best Estate Agent Guide 2022.


Our environment policy

We’ve been into being green since before it was hip and genuinely do it because we believe it, not because we think it’s good for business.  We run 4 company cars, 3 zero emission Renault Zoes (bought second-hand) and 1 VW Up! with a small petrol engine, for those really busy days where a 70 mile range won’t quite do it.
          Realistically though electric cars are not the answer. They still pollute and get in the way, so we try to conduct as many appointments as we can on foot and by bike. Our company bikes are reclaimed and refurbished from the Post Office by a charity who give one to families in Malawi for each one we buy.  We also work hard to travel less by working on route-planning efficiency. Bunching nearby appointments together to totally avoid unnecessary journeys is far better than making each journey by more efficient means. We continue to try to use small, local suppliers where we possibly can.  Other suggestions gratefully received. Modest or ambitious.