The Hidden Cost.

Keith was chatting to Denise over dinner on their usual Friday evening. Keith called it ‘date night’. Denise wasn’t convinced by the label but she enjoyed spending time with Keith. It was a chance for them to talk about real is­sues and ask the big questions of each other. “Do you prefer dark or milk chocolate digestives Denise?” piped Keith. “Definitely dark” retorted Denise”. “Same” Keith quickly confirmed. Keith stroked Denise’s hand. Denise smiled. “Changing the subject, what do you think about the agent that manages our house in Cambridge?” Den­ise offered.“Don’t get me started, Denise” replied Keith. “I like Mark, and boy he’s got a firm handshake”. “And my dad says that’s a sign of trust”. “Oh and your dad is a paragon of trust” pointedly remarked Denise. “Anyway let’s get back to the point, for me they are like a budget airline” said Keith.

“how so?”, questioned Denise, as she scraped the plates. “Well the original price they quoted looked to be really good value, and then the hidden costs crept in. It’s like the airlines. You buy a cheap flight and then have to pay to sit together”. “Hardly a perk” jo­vially interjected Denise. “And then there’s extra for the luggage, queue jumping, the inflight meal, the premier lounge. Makes you wonder what you were actually paying the fee for in the first place!”. “Yes I see what you mean. You are clever with your meta­phors Keith. Or is that an analogy? Blimey I don’t know. It could even be a simile. Anyway, a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet”. “Gosh, misquoting Shakespeare on a Friday Keith. Whatever next?”. “Let’s have a look around and see if there are any agents in the city who do things a bit more simply and transparently”. “Agreed” confirmed Keith. Shall we adjourn Denise, the dishes can wait”. “Oh yes Keith” Denise emphatically replied.